Do you have lower back or neck pain from sitting all day?

Get the comprehensive guide to my science-based posture hacks, and eradicate your poor posture!
(even if you don't have time to take your hands off the keyboard)

Don’t Have Time

Who has time to visit the Chiropractor every few days and schedule expensive massages to eliminate your pain? Learn a few simple stretches that are geared towards YOUR posture type so you don't waste your time doing the wrong ones. Save time driving to your appointments and get results on your own time at home!

Not Seeing Results

Has your pain practitioner given you exercises to do but you feel like you're not making progress? Doing the same routine over and over will eventually halt your success. You need new exercise routines every few weeks to keep getting stronger, and conquer your pain once and for all!

Not Sure What To Do

Should I do Yoga? Pilates? Lift heavy weights? If you're surfing YouTube for your answers to your back/neck/knee/hip pain, you're probably confused. The answer: all of the above. Except... how you do the exercises and what order to do them in is super important. Learn what to do when, and for what posture type.

Don’t Like Your Shape

Hunched over posture makes you look thicker in the chest and shoulders. Arched back posture makes your butt look bigger. Flat back posture makes your butt look wider. Not only will fixing these issues fix your chronic pain, you can instantly look like you've lost 5 lbs from standing taller.

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